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Fire Tanks, Elevated Tanks, Reservoirs and Aluminium Domes are all powder coated. They are formed using galvanized panels, prefabricated cleats and stays bolted together on site.


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Our tanks are highly resistant to damage during transportation and assembly. Our tanks make it easy to transport dry bulk such as gravel and industrial materials with a number of dry bulk transportation solutions.


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View Tanks are quick and easy to install even in areas with restricted access using nothing more than hand tools


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All pressed steel tanks comply to SANS and have a long-term life expectancy


Notable Clients

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View Tanks: Leading Manufacturers of Steel Water Tanks

The leader in Steel Water Storage Tanks


Being in business for the better part of 60 years, our water storage tanks don’t only have a reputation for being made using the best materials. They also have a reputation for being made using a combination of the latest technology and years of experience. We manufacture and supply sectional steel tanks of all kinds, giving our client base more variety as well as more value for money. Our tanks can take a variety of different forms, depending on where they are needed. But generally, our water tanks are square or rectangular after construction.

Our water storage tanks are bolted panel tanks, which means they can be quickly and easily disassembled and reassembled in the size and shape our clients require, once the tank has been brought to the site. This is just one of the big advantages when it comes to using our tanks, and because of this advantage costs are reduced. Another advantage of an easy to take apart tank means that should one part of the tank need replacing, you won’t have to replace the entire tank. Instead, the affected area can be removed and replaced. Again, this is another great way to save money.

There are many reasons why you should consider storing water. South Africa is a nation known for droughts and having a water storage tank will help to relieve some of the stresses of water shortages. But water storage tanks are not just for saving water. They are ideal for construction sites where water might not be ready on hand.

The most popular View Tanks and Steel water reservoirs and products for storing bulk water include:

Aluminum domes
Fire Tanks
Elevated Water Tanks
Desalination Water Tanks
Water reservoirs
Steel water reservoirs
Firewater tanks
Desalination water tanks
Storage tanks used for the following purposes:

Biogas production
Biogas storage
Dry bulk storage
Digester and Digesters
Anaerobic digestion
Aluminium Dome Benefits:

Easily Maintained
Galvanised Water Tank benefits:

Fire Tanks:

Emergency reservoirs
Waste Water Tanks:

Wastewater storage
Wastewater treatment
Greywater storage
Powder Coated Water Tanks:

Corrosion Resistant
Degradation Resistant – caused by natural elements
Bolted Water Tanks:

Waste Water Storage (relief the burden on natural resources)
Store and Reuse Waste Water

View Tanks supply top quality water tanks that will be efficient in all conditions, quality reservoirs and excellent customer service. View Tanks supply digests to keep tanks hygienic, eliminate bad odors and allowing solid waste in tanks to dissolve.

View Tanks makes it easy to transport dry bulk such as gravel and industrial materials with a number of dry bulk transportation solutions.

View Tanks supplies high quality, reliable steel tanks for water storage at low prices. We keep our costs low so that everyone can afford to have a reliable steel tank.

Ours is a modern workforce and we use the latest technology as well as our existing experience to become leading steel tank manufacturers in South Africa. Along with the technology and skilled workforce, we are able to streamline the entire manufacturing process, giving you a fantastic finished product. We use a variety of quality control processes to ensure that our steel tanks are in perfect order before sale.

The Importance of Storing Water

Each of our water storage solutions is designed to conveniently, and somewhat neatly, store water for all sorts of uses. Depending on the tank you buy, as well as the purpose of your water storage, you can store clean water for consumption or for use on a construction plant while the tanks can also be used for the storage of grey water. Galvanised water tanks offer a great solution for saving, and they will not contaminate the water with a strange taste, something that can happen when you choose a lesser quality tank.

The galvanized tanks for sale are generally used in a place where they will be fixed to the ground. Basically, you are not going to be transporting these tanks once they are full. If your aim is to transport water, it is best to look at a portable water storage tank. If you are unsure of which tanks will best serve your needs, View Tanks can give you the advice you need.

Sectional Steel Tanks or Circular Tanks?

Pressed, square, round and bolted panel tanks; a closer look at our water tanks for sale

Technically, there are no differences in the quality of the tanks; each tank is made with the same quality materials, using the same technical experience. The biggest difference between the sectional steel tanks and the circular tanks will be based on your needs. And of course, the price might differ as well.

We sell new sectional steel tanks and circular tanks of all shapes and sizes. Our steel water tanks for sale in South Africa handle the various South African environmental conditions really well, so maintenance won’t be a big concern. Our water storage tanks also come with a warranty, so in the unlikelihood of something going wrong, your investment is covered.

Making the ideal reservoirs for storing water for both private homes, farms, businesses and construction sites alike, buying the right tank for your needs is important.

Our sectional steel tanks are manufactured using your specifications. We manufacture water tanks according to the industry guidelines, so you are guaranteed to always have a quality product.  Sectional steel water tanks are so ideal because they consist of individual pieces. Once all of the pieces are manufactured, we transport them to where you need the tank and put the tank together on site. This means that bigger tanks can easily be built while it also means that the water storage tanks can be transported to remote locations.

The materials that we use are odourless, tasteless and non-toxic. This guarantees that the water remains clean and fit for consumption.

Well priced circular water tanks are ideal for containing huge amounts of water. These galvanized tanks are made to last. With the shell plates treated with hot-dip galvanizing, the tanks are made to be resistant to rust. These tanks can also be constructed on site, but because they are generally massive, some preparations will need to be done to the area before the tank is built and placed.

We Also Manufacture and Supply Elevated Water Storage Tanks

Africa’s Leader in Steel Water Storage Tanks

View Tanks not only specializes in the manufacturing and supply of ground fixed tanks, but we are also experts in manufacturing elevated tanks. Elevated storage tanks help to save space while water can be removed quickly due to the pull of gravity. Elevated galvanized tanks, elevated sectional tanks and elevated bolted tanks are all designed to make the distribution of water an easy task.

Visit our main site – Abeco Tanks 

Allow us to simplify your water storage requirements. Contact us to find out more about our tank specifications and prices..